Bernard, patron demand, and business rectifier. China, Brazil or Timbuktu, “I’m ready to go tomorrow.”

Bernard, 56, occupies Acting CEO positions in various companies.

“During my career, I have long worked abroad: Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Germany, I went everywhere. I am fluent in seven languages and am a holder of two MBA (Master of Business and Administration). I spent twenty-eight years of my life in a US multinational. Then I took the presidency of the subsidiary of a French automotive group in Portugal. My last stationary. I found myself on the sand in 1992, I had 50 years. I planned to take perhaps a company, I was also in contact with the Egon Zehnder recruitment firm. I learned that the firm had a temporary structure (Executive Interim Management) specially adapted to business leaders. I had the background and experience needed to enter their file. Until then, I had never imagined working intermittently.

“I knew what the interim, I had also used as a business leader, but I do not think it would concern me one day. At that time I did not feel necessarily willing to work like that. It was only after two missions I understood the value of this formula. If I had stayed in a more conventional circuit, positions that would have offered me would have never been more important. I’m kind overqualified and surexpĂ©rimentĂ©. With the transition management, what you buy, that’s just my expertise. “I have recipes. “moving from one company to another, often changing the industry, it does not demand a lot of energy and vitality. And when to straighten a company, we have not a minute to lose. It should be operational immediately. This is where all the achievements of my professional life I use. I reflex revenue. And multiplying missions, I further increased my ability to adapt. And then I was educated in the US, I am a pragmatist.

“Since 1992, I served four missions. The final lasted nearly two years. It was a deal that was on the verge of bankruptcy. My mission was to recover in order to sell it to a buyer. At first, when tumbling into a business, there is always a bit of mistrust on both sides. We must give people time to unbutton. With a long mission, the staff does not consider myself a passage CEO. I have the time to know everyone. People know I’m there for a specific mission: recover their business. I can explain my actions very clearly. I am firmly convinced that I was their CEO indefinitely, I would not have this freedom of speech. And that employees also understand very well. When someone comes up with a new look in a company, this will pinpoint the problems. It is energizing for everyone. And when my mission is over, I keep in touch with the company. It is not unusual that the leaders that follow me call me and ask me for advice. ”

“I can not please.” “In times of job, I work eighteen hours a day. When it ends, I have a recovery time of four to six months, I breath. I take this opportunity to update all my paperwork, have fun, play golf. On reflection, it is more advantageous as pace. Financially too. If I was stationary, my salary would be around 70,000 francs. With a mission, my earnings increase from 15 to 20%. In return, it is true that I never have the certainty of linking to another extension. I can not please. Or get sick. But, overall, I’m pretty confident. Have a stable job, it’s comforting personally. I, as I have no family ties, my situation is fine.

“I do not talk so much about my activities outside. People do not understand all this way of working. When the discussion comes to this, I was evasive. With those who want to know more, I take the time to explain. Work on a mission, it does not even get into the mentality. Yet this is that companies offer more.

“At the end of a mission, I was asked to join the company. I refused. I like the idea of not lock myself into a routine, to be mobile. I can go to Timbuktu, Brazil, China tomorrow if necessary. I have another ten years of work ahead of me. And the opportunity, through this, to know a nice retirement. “.